The Information Window contains all data fields and allows you to click and paste this information into your Browser for an easier login experience. Display items in a searchable tree view. There is a Password generator with settings for length and types of characters to include. The Password strength meter will show how effective your chosen Password really is. This program requires the use of Windows 10.

The Problem

Passwords are now required of everybody for things like email and your online banking, not to mention all of the Social Media sites you belong to.

Weak Passwords

The typical solution is to have a single password that you use all the time. If you have chosen well then your password is not too vulnerable .

Hacked Site

If a website gets hacked its users could be in BIG trouble. If they had used their typical password then the cracker has access to any site that uses that password.

What to Do

You need to create and record a unique user name and password for each and every site. But how do you remember potentially hundreds of user names and strong passwords? Not many people can do that.  

A Good Try

Some people create a list with their word processor and many even have that document encrypted. The encryption used by many of the word processors is very weak and breakable in minutes.

Our Program

It is designed to use RSA 2048 bit Encryption for ALL confidential storage. Many banks are quite content using AES 128 bit Encryption, which is secure enough but RSA2048 is much more secure for now and the foreseeable future. 

The Tools we Provide

There is a Password Generator that is fine tunable for the length and the characters it is composed of, since many banks do not allow the use of some special characters as it would interfere with their programs. It also has a Password Strength Checker so that you can see the strength and compare to your passwords you are now using. 

Free Form Database

We have made it possible to include any information you wish to keep for every database record entry. This allows, for instance, the name of the bank, phone number, swift code, account number, account name, and .... well you get the general idea. You can store anything you want along with your user name and password and ALL confidential fields are securely encrypted using RSA 2048 bit Encryption. 

Our Program

Display items in a searchable File Tree View. You can search most records and fields to quickly find matching items, quickly locating your term in 1,000's of records.