GeckoV4 build 6556 has been released

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GeckoV4 version build 6556

What’s new:

  • UI Connection tracking list fixed for WAR, METRO, WP188, and Cambria
  • Managed mode (SyncV4) now implemented (see notes below)

Managed Mode:

Managed Mode (SyncV4) has been a long time coming to the GeckoV4 series.

This new version (SyncV4) is highly secure and now requires a common sync pin number to be used on both the AP, and stations. If there are stations that are not supported or have a misconfigured pin, you will be notified when you press the Sync Settings button, and will be given a chance to cancel if needed.   All supported peers will have a ‘*’ under the association list ‘M’ column.

The sync behaviour has also changed in that it will now perform a minimal ‘activate’ on the AP, and all peers in order to reliably process the new settings.   The Sync pin can also be changed during a sync.

You can download the new release from our download section.

Please discuss this release in our community forums.