GeckoV4 build 6519 has been released

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GeckoV4 version build 6519

What’s new:

  • Corrected an issue with netfilter (connection tracking) where it always forced a table size of  16384
  • The connection tracking table size dialog now applies the settings live, after you press Ok.
  • The UI Desktop now shows your connection tracking status, and the table usage.
  • Many 802.11n and 802.11abg improvements for performance and reliability.
  • UI updates to lower CPU usage.
  • Support for more starutil extensions (upcoming starutil v1.17.x)
  • new starutil extensions include
    • coreinfo – provides static, core information about your system
    • cbqreport – provides your cbq report
    • get_lic – downloads the active license from your system
    • set_lic – upload a new license to your system
    • get_req – obtain the request key from your system

You can download the new release from our download section.

Please discuss this release in our community forums.