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GeckoV4 build 6522 has been released

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GeckoV4 version build 6522 What’s new: Boot issues with x86 platforms has been corrected You can download the new release from our download section. Please discuss this release in our community forums.

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GeckoV4 build 6519 has been released

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GeckoV4 version build 6519 What’s new: Corrected an issue with netfilter (connection tracking) where it always forced a table size of  16384 The connection tracking table size dialog now applies the settings live, after you press Ok. The UI Desktop now shows your connection tracking status, and the table usage. Many 802.11n and 802.11abg improvements for performance and reliability. UI updates to lower CPU usage. Support for more starutil extensions (upcoming starutil v1.17.x) new starutil extensions include coreinfo – provides static, core information about your system...

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War-1a JTAG Instructions

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Quick guide to using a Wiggler JTAG to reprogram a Compex WP543 Access Point (Siam WAR-1a)   Download the supporting files here Download   The steps are quite easy, but different than those used to reprogram other hardware primarily due the WAR-1a’s use of a Serial flash, which cannot be programmed by the standard Macraigor flash programmer. What you will need include: Macraigor Wiggler (or suitable clone) – LPT, USB, or Ethernet will do. OCD Commander (Free software) Serial converter for the WAR-1a (supplied by Compex) – consists of a serial port, and a...

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GeckoV4 build 6506 has been released

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Please download this release from this dropbox url: Please review the 4.1.x upgrade notice prior to upgrading from an earlier release. build 6506 (minor point release) Short (single-line) sight survey does not report hidden ssids, and can provide you a shorter than expected results list if it does encounter one.  

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